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Raleigh’s Premier Car Wash, Detail and Car Window Tinting Facility

Raleigh Car Wash

Northridge Auto Spa is widely regarded as the finest car wash in Raleigh. Car owners from all over the Raleigh area come to Northridge Auto Spa to have their car washed because no other car wash in the Raleigh area does a better job of washing cars than Northridge Auto Spa.

We use Simoniz cleaning solution, the softest clothes and premium waxes and polish on all cars and trucks that come through Northridge Auto Spa. All of our products are carefully selected to provide the maximum results while protecting the finish to keep your car looking its absolute finest. Bring your car to Northridge Auto Spa to find out what everyone is talking about.

Northridge Auto Spa uses the finest equipment, the best products and has the best crew for washing, detailing and window tinting your car, truck or van. Most of our customers are repeat customers and have been coming to Northridge Auto Spa for years. If you want to keep your car looking its best, don’t trust any other car wash, detailing and window tinting service in Raleigh.

Once you come to Northridge Auto Spa, you’ll quickly see why many people regard us as the best car wash facility in Raleigh. We treat your car or truck as if it were our own. Everything we do is focused on providing the best service around so you leave here wanting to come back over and over.

At Northridge Auto Spa, it is important to us to use the best products on the market to wash the cars that come here everyday. This includes the best soap, wax, polish, cleaning pads, chemicals and equipment. You can rest assured that when you bring your car to Northridge Auto Spa, your car will receive the best treatment possible to make your car look its best – and look its best longer.

We offer different car washing packages depending on the condition of your car and your needs. We offer a basic exterior wash, which is great for intermittent washings in between the full service car wash. Regardless of your needs, Northridge Auto Spa is the place to go have your car washed to keep it looking shiny and new.

Soapy Northridge Auto SpaIn Memory of Soapy
Soapy was the Official Mascot of Northridge Auto Spa and greeted, cuddled with, slept on and befriended hundreds of people who came through our doors over the years.

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Car Window Tinting

Exclusive dealer of Hüper Optik, the world’s best performing car window tint.

We provide the best automotive window tint on the market, Hüper Optik Automotive Window Film, to provide our customers with window tint that comes with a 12 year proven track record of durability, superior performance and clarity.

Huper Optik Automotive Window FilmIf you want the best window tint on the market for your vehicle, come to Northridge Auto Spa to get your car window tinting. We are the exclusive dealer for Huper Optik automotive window tint and no other line of window tint cools your car as effectively as Huper Optik or lasts as long.

For the utmost superiority in performance, comfort and style, only use Huper Optik automotive window film. Make an appointment today!

Car Detailing

Keep your car looking its absolute best with a car detail at Northridge Auto Spa.

Having your car or truck detailed regularly is the best way to maximize its life and value, not to mention keep it looking fantastic. Our automotive detailing technicians are thoroughly trained in the best-practices for detailing vehicles.

Simoniz detailing productsEvery car is different. From brand new to used, family cars to head-turning sports cars, our trained and experienced auto detailing experts are unmatched when it comes to providing a professional automotive detail for your car or truck. Let us detail your car today!

To keep your car or truck looking great inside and out, come to Northridge Auto Spa for a full detail. Either give us a call, stop by or make an appointment!

Paint Protection

Offering SunTek film. Breakthrough technology-driven paint protection for your car.

If your car or truck looks fantastic then you want to keep it looking that way. A rash of paint chips on the front of your hood can easily be prevented with top of the line paint protection film. Our SunTek paint protection film is the best at providing world class protectionSuntek car paint protection for your car or truck.

We use industry leading paint protection film utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver superior protection for your car. The finish is high gloss that is nearly invisible to the eye, providing unmatched clarity and durability.

To keep the paint finish on your car looking new, protect it with our self-healing, scratch resistant SunTek film. Make an appointment today!