Auto Detail Raleigh

car detail raleighOne reason Northridge Auto Spa is the best facility in Raleigh to detail and wash your car is because our employees are trained AND certified by Simoniz.

Simoniz is widely recognized as the industry leader in the car detail business.  They are the preferred products for professional detailing in Raleigh.  The combination of Simoniz products and Simoniz-trained employees ensures that your car is getting the best possible care when it comes to detailing your car.

No other car detail facility in Raleigh provides the level of training and professionalism when it comes to detailing your car as Northridge Auto Spa.

Why is professional detailing beneficial for your car?  A professional detail using top-quality detail products can easily and effectively extend the life of your car’s interior.  It retains the “new car” look and feel longer.  This provides you with a greater sense of comfort in your car.  Additionally, a professionally maintained and detailed car generates a higher resale value.

What is detailing? There are two components to detailing a car; the exterior and interior.Auto Detailing Line at Northridge Auto Spa

Exterior detailing involves bringing a distinct shine to all of the exterior parts of a car: the paint, wheels, rims, and even the trim. Northridge Auto Spa uses Simoniz products to make the exterior of our customers’ cars shine better than cars detailed by other detailing facilities in Raleigh. The combination of high-quality, professional detailing products with our professionally trained detailers is another reason why Northridge Auto Spa is the preferred choice of car owners who want their car detailed.

Three aspects of detailing the exterior of a car involve cleaning, polishing, and protecting. Cleaning your car involves removing all foreign substances from the surface of the car’s paint, windshields, trim, tires, and rims. This is done with a professional wash system that can include the use of “clay,” which safely and effectively removes contaminants (such as tar, bugs, sap, etc) from the paint surface that cannot be removed by washing.

Car Detailing RaleighPolishing is typically done with machine equipment, such as a buffer, to remove fine, surface scratches. Professionally polishing your car can really bring out a shine to make your car look new again!

Waxing is one of the most important steps in detailing a car. It helps prevent foreign substances from adhering to your car and damaging your car by “eating” away at the clear coat.

For example, water that remains on the surface of your car can leave “acid marks” on the clear coat. Dead bugs on the surface of cars can also leave permanent marks in the clear coat. Professionally applied wax and polish by one of our trained detailers can provide an effective barrier for your car from the harmful elements.

Detailing the interior of your car involves professionally cleaning the driver and passenger areas of the car.  This included cleaning the carpets, upholstery, interior windows, dashboard, cup holders, interior door sides, headliner, and all other visible components of the interior.  This is done by vacuuming, removing stains from upholstery and cleaning surfaces using various cleaning products.

Get your car professionally detailed by Northridge Auto Spa today!