car wash in raleighNorthridge Auto Spa is a Raleigh car wash and is known in Raleigh as the “Go-To” car wash facility.

While we wash cars of all types, we are a favorite for owners of luxury cars.

Bently’s, BMW’s, Mercedes, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and all other cars and trucks prefer to get washed at Northridge Auto Spa than any other car wash in Raleigh.

Only trust your car with the best car wash in Raleigh.

No other car wash in Raleigh provides the degree of professionalism that we do.

We only use the best equipment, which is why we proudly use Simoniz car washing products. Simoniz is the best in the business and is known as the “Professional’s Choice.” Additionally, our employees are trained and certified by Simoniz to ensure that your car receives the best possible car wash in Raleigh.

Our car wash equipment is specifically designed to provide the highest quality car wash possible.Toyota drying in car wash

Treat your car to a wash that simulates the quality and effectiveness of a hand wash with super-soft “Lammscloth fiber. Lammscloth was designed for cleaning vehicles deeply without dulling or damaging paint finishes or clear-coats.

As you can see from the pictures on this website, our car wash, featuring Lammscloth, provides the softest and cleanest car wash in Raleigh. Lammscloth works like hundreds of soft hand-mitts, slowly covering the vehicle with the ideal amount of high-quality car washing Car Taking A Bathsolution, while thoroughly cleaning your vehicle with the gentlest motion possible. This motion actually gently polishes as it cleans.

Most car washes in Raleigh today are still using harsh, high-velocity nylon brushes or indoor/outdoor carpeting. It’s time you take your car care to the next level…

Even our wax and polish application system is the best in Raleigh.  You will be hard-pressed to find another car wash in Raleigh that applies wax and polish as professionally as we do.

We call our wax and polish system the “Green Machine.”  It also uses the thick, soft Lammscloth that is Car at Inspection Bayused to clean your car.

This ultra-thick and soft Lammscloth used by our “Green Machine” gently and softly apply the famous Simoniz car wax and polish – and provides a professional polishing job that provides you with a car that outshines other cars washed in Raleigh.

As you can see from our car wash menu’s, we provide a car-wash solution for every level of cleanliness. We provide an Express Car Wash menu and a Full Service Menu with every option that even the most demanding vehicle aficionado could desire.

We offer:car wash equipment raleigh

  • Rim Cleaner
  • Triple Polish
  • Simoniz Tire Shine
  • Towel Dry
  • Clear Coat Protectant
  • Double Bond – Protectant from the Elements
  • Green Machine Polish
  • Bug Remover
  • Body Gloss Spray Wax
  • Fragrance
  • Super Scent
  • Hand-finished Rims
  • Interior Dressing
  • Exterior Dressing

See our menus to make your choice!