Paint Protection Film

Clear Bra Raleigh NC at Northridge Auto Spa

sports car getting paint protection film

SunTek Paint Protection

The company with the best paint protection film in the industry, SunTek Window Films, has released their latest and most advanced automobile paint protection film.  People from all over Raleigh NC are coming to Northridge Auto Spa to have technology driven paint protection from SunTek Window Films, applied to their cars.

Clear Bra Raleigh NC

World class scratch protection for the finish on your car or truck.

  • Unrivaled clarity
  • Unmatched resistance to yellowing
  • The toughest film protection there is
  • Unbelievable durability
  • Maintenance free – Wax and wash as usual
  • Easy to clean
Lamborghini with clear bra installed at Northridge Auto Spa

Lamborghini with clear bra installed at Northridge Auto Spa

Why use SunTek Paint Protection Film Pro at Northridge Auto Spa?

Protect the finish on your car or truck from:

  • rock chips
  • bug acid
  • sand
  • gravel
  • tar
  • bird droppings

SunTek Paint Protection Film is practically invisible and keeps your car looking newer longer.

car paint protection

There is no better way to maintain the showroom appearance on your car than with SunTek Paint Protection FIlm at Northridge Auto Spa.

The clarity of the film has no equal, which means that the color of your car or truck stays the same.

Where to use it

  • front bumper, front of the hood – protects from small rocks, sand, gravel, bug acid
  • whole hood, roof and trunk lid – protect from bird droppings incidental scratching
  • painted side mirrors – protect from rock chips and bug acid
  • door handle cavities – protect from key and fingernail scratches
  • edges of doors – protect from chipping and scratching purses, belt buckles
  • rear fenders and rocker panels – protects from sand, rocks and tar kicked up from the tires.

suntek trucut graphic

With the protection provided by SunTek Paint Protection Film, your car will keep its new-car look longer and can even provide a better resale value in the future.

Get the finish on your car or truck protected today with a clear bra at Northridge Auto Spa.