Car Window Tinting Types of Film

At Northridge Auto Spa, we use only the highest quality window tinting films from (Huper Optik) when tinting your vehicle. Our films are installed by our trained technicians to eliminate bubbles between your glass and your film. We’re are proud to be an Exclusive Autobahn Dealer offering several types films for your vehicle. Below we will take a look at those types so you can better understand the difference between them.

What We Use:

We only use the highest quality window film from Autobahn Window Films. Learn more about this top of the line product here

Dyed Film

Dyed window film is the industry standard for quality car tinting film and the most budget-friendly options we offer. While it’s an older material, many of our customers have been more than satisfied with its performance. Dyed film is created by placing a dyed piece of film in between layers of scratch-resistant film and liners. While the darkness of other films fade over time, our dyed film is dye-stable and designed to provide you with years of use without losing any darkness.

Metallic Film

Metallic films offer fantastic UV blocking capabilities, protecting you and your passengers from sun damage while also reducing the greenhouse effect in your vehicle. This film is completely dye-free and uses a thin layer of metal to create the darker color without the use of chemical dyes. Metallic film is the best choice for maximizing the amount of light let into your car while lowering your car’s interior temperature. The film is the most fade-resistant film on the market.

Ceramic Film

Our ceramic film is one of the most durable options available. The film is particularly good at reducing glare as you drive. Like all the other films, ceramic film provides great UV protection, protects your interior from fading, and gives you a sense of privacy inside your vehicle. Ceramic films typically outlast with three full layers of ceramic when put together.

Whatever film you decide on our experts at Northridge Auto Spa will install it right the first time and give you a lifetime guarantee. Call us to set up an appointment at 919-846- 8566 or visit us at and to see complete specs visit