Dodge Ram 1500 Johnson Windown Film Marathon Series Window Tinting your car can reduce heat, reduce glare and block UV Rays that age the inside of your automobile.

Northridge Auto Spa is proud to feature Johnson Window Films. We chose Johnson Window Films as our car window-tint provider because it is the best, in different ways. We have discovered that it forms better to the glass in your car, which results in a more professional and longer-lasting window-tint installation. Johnson also has a longing standing reputation within the window film industry as one of the leading manufacturers of window film in the world, producing film for automotive, residential, commercial and security. For over 35 years, Johnson Window Films has been a trusted leader in the window film industry.

Why is window film important for your car?

* Reduce Heat – we all know how hot it can get in Raleigh, NC when a car sits in the sun during the day. This is where window tint on your car can have the most impact. Window tint on a Raleigh car can greatly reduce the level of heat inside your car, providing more comfort for you and your passengers. Additionally, this heat reduction in cars actually saves car owners in Raleigh money with better fuel efficiency because with window tint on their car they don’t have to use their air conditioning as often.

* Reduce Glare – glare in your eyes while driving can be annoying, distracting and even dangerous. The window tint we use window tint is highly effective at reducing glare from entering your car. This helps improve your vision while driving, reduce strain on your eyes and helps keep you and others safe.

* Blocks UV Rays – the sun in Raleigh, NC can be brutal on cars if they are not properly protected. The UV rays causes fading to the upholstery in cars and other surfaces, such as dashboards, seats, and stereo equipment. Car window tint helps reduce the level of interior fading and cracking by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Window tinting film can provide different options in tint color.

We offer four lines of window tint from Johnson Films.
1. Silhouette – this line combines an aluminum metallized layer with a charcoal dyed polyester layer. The UV protection from this film is unmatched and also provides a sophisticated appearance that many car owners love.
2. Marathon – this is the most recent line of window tint from Johnson. It offers one shade in particular, universal black, that is very similar to factory tinted glass. At the same time, the color and reflectivity has the same Johnson Film consistency.
3. Renegade – this line has the same “universal black” color that is similar to factory tinted glass. What makes Renegade different is that it uses a non-conductive and signal friendly construction. This is beneficial for use with GPS, window antennas, and other radio signal devices. Renegade also has an ultra-durable and extra thick dual-ply construction, and the same outstanding optical clarity and UV ray protection that have become hallmarks of Johnson Window Films.
4. Executive Series – this is the cream of the crop car window tint produced by Johnson Window Films. It features an all-metal construction, which provides long-lasting performance and a very professional appearance. Executive Series window tint looks fantastic in any car.

Give us a call or drop by the shop at 7110 Sandy Forks Rd in North Raleigh for a free demonstration of the different auto tinting films. We have tint to meet any budget. Call us at 919-846-8566 or email us at